Why a Smartwatch is the right Choice for Your Child

myFirst Fone R2 a thoughtful alternative to traditional smartphones.

myFirst Circle

Join the movement toward a safer, nurturing digital space for the new generation with myFirst Circle.

The Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide for a Merry myFirst Christmas

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AI for Kids

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Halloween with myFirst

Experience a tech-enhanced Halloween adventure with myFirst gadgets. Join us on Instagram and share your spooky tech tales using #myFirstHalloween!


Prepare your child for a secure and connected Halloween with myFirst, ensuring they have a spook-tacular time while you stay worry-free with instant communication at your fingertips.

Finding the Right Balance for Kids' Screen Time

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Should I track my kids?

Experience the ease and safety of daily life with a myFirst smartwatch equipped with GPS.

How Technology Has Changed Modern Parenting

Technology revolutionizes modern parenting through enhanced communication, easy access to information, and interactive learning experiences for kids, ensuring parents stay connected, informed, and engaged in their children's development.

Kid's Smartwatches in US Schools: Balancing Connectivity and Education

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