Why a Smartwatch is the right Choice for Your Child

Why a Smartwatch is the right Choice for Your Child

As the new year unfolds, with resolutions and fresh starts in mind, you might find yourself considering the idea of gifting your child a smartphone. However, pause for a moment! There are compelling reasons why a smartwatch could be a far superior alternative.

Statistics from The Common reveal that 42% of kids have a smartphone by the age of ten, and this figure jumps to 71% by the age of twelve. With the academic year commencing, many parents find themselves under pressure to provide their child with a smartphone. Naturally, parents want to ensure their child's safety and accessibility, especially when they're on their way to and from school.

For numerous parents, a mobile phone can serve as an invaluable tool for keeping track of their child's whereabouts and being able to reach them when necessary. It also simplifies daily family life by assisting with the coordination and logistics that come with having children!

Now, you have the option to postpone the purchase of a traditional, expensive smartphone, laden with content tailored for adults and young adults, content and functionalities that children simply don't need. In fact, hundreds of thousands parents have already opted for a Fone R1s smartwatch, which offers full connectivity for calls and messages for their children, and there are numerous compelling reasons behind this choice.

Empowering Kids to Be Kids!

myFirst Fone R2 was established with a clear mission and an ambitious vision: to enable children to explore the world safely and healthily. Research today indicates that secure and active children have better prospects for navigating life and discovering their place in the world. Facilitating this is the core objective of myFirst existence.

With the Fone R2 watchphone, children can enjoy their childhood, while parents can maintain control. Through the myFirst Circle App on your own phone, you can determine who your child can contact. The app also provides you with information about your child's location, thanks to the built-in GPS.

Our smartwatch boasts the following features:

  • Video call function
  • GPS function
  • School mode
  • Camera
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rating
  • Voice messages
  • No access to social media and the internet
  • SOS button

Why Choose a myFirst Watchphone?

myFirst offers a comprehensive three-part service, comprising:

  • myFirst's watchphone
  • myFirst Circle App dedicated parent app
  • A eSIM service

With a myFirst watchphone, your child can travel to and from school, and you can reach each other through the call function. Many parents find comfort in the knowledge that they can call their child, and vice versa, enabling the child to reach out if they have any needs or concerns.

What Is School Mode?

School Mode is a setting that allows for fixed on/off times, preventing children from using the smartwatch outside of designated hours. During this time, the smartwatch functions exclusively as a regular watch, with all other features disabled.

Parents have full control over School Mode through our parent app, and children cannot override these settings. This ensures that the smartwatch doesn't disrupt the classroom environment for either students or teachers. The step counter remains active even when School Mode is enabled, encouraging additional physical activity in daily life.

What About the Camera Function?

Children who take pictures of themselves or others and share them online can inadvertently expose themselves to a much wider audience than intended. Hence, it's crucial to set clear limits on camera use for children with mobile phones that have this feature.

For younger children, it may be prudent to avoid camera-equipped devices altogether. Non-camera mobile phones are becoming increasingly scarce, leaving few alternatives. In the case of myFirst Circle, a safe social media platform for families, parents have the ability to choose what their kids can share and with whom, using levels of sharing such as Family, Besties, Friends, and Acquaintances. Additionally, myFirst Circle ensures a secure environment for children by allowing parents to have control over the sharing settings. 
In the case of Fone R2 School Mode, the camera function is also deactivated.

As mentioned earlier, the smartwatch lacks internet access, making online sharing on social media impossible. Additionally, images taken with the smartwatch can only be shared with pre-approved contacts, making it a superb choice for the youngest children. In the case of Fone R2 School Mode, the camera function is also deactivated.

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